3 Tips for Acne Scarring Treatment The Ordinary, Trusted


Acne Scarring Treatment The Ordinary

Acne Scarring Treatment The Ordinary – Tell me your type of acne and I will tell you what will be the best treatment to solve it without damaging your skin
Most of us girls have been victims of terrible acne breakouts, those that at some point ruined a date, a photo or even made us cry due to the bad appearance they gave us. Unfortunately there are cases of acne that continue into adulthood, and no matter what you do or how many treatments you try, it is always present. So please be aware about this

  1. Hypertrophic scars
    As they are? They are thick and raised looking scars. Where do they appear? On the chest and back.
    The indicated thing is to be evaluated by a specialist to whom you can ask about cortisone treatments, which help to even the skin. Maybe he has another treatment that suits your needs.
  2. Atrophic scars
    As they are? They are marks that look like little pinches. They look like tiny holes like craters. Where do they appear? The most common cases appear on the face.
    Treatment. Some laser procedures help rebuild collagen and are the most effective, although quite expensive. acne scarring treatment the ordinary
  3. Dark spots
    As they are? When a blemish heals, melanin increases, causing hyperpigmentation in the form of pink or brown spots.
    Where do they appear? They usually appear on the face, back, neck and even the crotch.
    Treatment. Products rich in hydroquinone and alpha hydroxy acids can speed up the fading process. acne scarring treatment the ordinary
  4. Before starting a treatment
    • There is no single treatment that removes all types of scars perfectly.
    • As the full treatment can last from weeks to months, it is advisable to start it during the winter period to minimize exposure to sunlight, which could compromise results. acne scarring treatment the ordinary

Acne Scarring Treatment The Ordinary

There are no firm medical protocols to follow in the treatment of acne scars, since it is a pathology that can be addressed with numerous therapeutic options and that arealso subject to the personal and social preferences of the patient. However, it is known that certain treatments have a more favorable risk / benefit / cost ratio for the patient who wishes to treat acne marks. The following is an expert agreement from 2016 to focus on the treatment of acne scars (Zaleski-Larsen et al.) To evaluate it, we need to know the terminology of the different types of acne marks that exist. Erythematous macules (red spots) that remain after a recent inflammatory acne tend to have a good prognosis and tend to disappear on their own over the course of months. Acne Scarring Treatment The Ordinary

However, when they require treatment by the patient, it is recommended to use vascular lasers (pulsed dye, KTP, or pulsed light) together with non-ablative fractional laser in the same session.What is the best treatment for dark marks caused by acne? Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne is common in dark-skinned patients (phototypes III or higher).They are usually treated as if they were sun spots or tattoos, with pulsed light or with alexandrite or very short-pulse (Q-switched) Nd: YAG lasers.What is the best treatment for light spots left by acne? Residual hypopigmentation is not common after inflammatory acne lesions. It is recommended to treat them topically with bimatoprost 0.03{dfe4b96bc6214772d110de90146ea16135c5ad36b3e290c4ee1b16ce524e9645} and tretinoin 0.25{dfe4b96bc6214772d110de90146ea16135c5ad36b3e290c4ee1b16ce524e9645}. acne scarring treatment the ordinary

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