7 Best way to remove acne scars


best way to remove acne scarsBest way to remove acne scars – Squeezing the blackheads and pimples can cause marks or scars on the face. These small holes can be located on the forehead, cheeks, side of the face and on the chin, this being a fairly common situation and which usually reduces the self-esteem of people, especially young people and adolescents. These types of scars do not disappear by themselves, so there are some treatments that should be indicated by the dermatologist or beautician to help improve the appearance of the face. Some examples are: the use of creams, the application of acids, microneedles, microdermabrasion and laser. Best way to remove acne scars

Best way to remove acne scars

The treatment to choose will depend on the age, the type of the skin, the depth of the marks, the availability of time and the financial situation of the person.

  1. Creams to be placed on the face
    The dermatologist may indicate the use of creams that promote the formation of collagen to place on the face, every day, after cleansing the skin properly. When is it indicated: the use of creams is usually indicated in adolescents and young people who still have blackheads and pimples on their face. Treatment generally takes time, because while new blackheads and pimples are emerging, it will be necessary to continue treatment.For this reason, in this phase, the skin should be cleaned in an aesthetic and use the creams and lotions indicated by the dermatologist daily, thus keeping the skin clean, hydrated, without blemishes and avoiding the formation of scars. When the adolescent still has many pimples and it is already possible to notice that there are some marks on the skin, the acne treatment should be redoubled, in order to prevent more scars from emerging, so the doctor may indicate the use of medications such as Isotretinoin, for example. Best way to remove acne scars
  2. Dermabrasion or microdermabrasion
    When is it indicated: dermabrasion is indicated in people who have acne scars, which form small ripples on the face, this being the most common type of acne scar. The downside is that you have to do the treatment every week and the total treatment time is uncertain. But in any case, this type of exfoliation helps in the regeneration of the skin, and leaves it firmer and the moisturizing lotions penetrate better, having more results. Best way to remove acne scars
  3. Peeling with acids
    It consists of applying acidic substances directly to the skin to be treated, leaving it to act for a few minutes. As a result the skin flakes off and a new layer of skin is born, firmer, blemish-free and smooth. The treatment is strong and removes the deepest scars on the skin permanently.
    When is it indicated: the acid peel is indicated when people who no longer have any pimples or blackheads on their face, who are over 30 years old, which is when the skin becomes more flaccid, showing even more scars on the face. This type of therapy is an excellent option for those who have many scars on their face, with different depths. The number of sessions required can be a maximum of 15, carried out once a week. Best way to remove acne scars
  4. Microneedles with DermaRoller
    This treatment consists of passing the DermaRoller, which is a small roller filled with small needles in a row, over the entire scarred region, in the vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions. The small needles penetrate the entire skin, causing small wounds, which when healed will form a more uniform and smooth skin, because it promotes the increase of new collagen fibers in the injured skin. An advantage is that the DermaRoller can be purchased in beauty supply stores or online, and can be applied at home, although better results are achieved when the treatment is performed by experienced professionals. Best way to remove acne scars
  5. Laser
    In this treatment, the therapist will place the laser in the area to be treated and will emit some shots that cause a small sensation of heat or itching.
    This device generates an alteration in the collagen fibers, causing the skin to become smoother around the 3rd session, progressively eliminating the marks and spots on the face caused by acne. Usually 3 to 5 laser sessions are necessary, however, it will depend on the depth of the marks. Some types of lasers used for this purpose are: CO2, Erbium-Yag and Nd: Ag. When it is indicated: this treatment is indicated when topical or oral treatments do not work, or for those people who prefer to use this type of therapy. Best way to remove acne scars
  6. Filling the skin with hyaluronic acid
    It is a treatment done by the dermatologist and consists of applying injections to the face, in order to remove the fibrosis points that are the cause of the depression that gives rise to the scar, unifying the skin. The injections may contain fillers such as hyaluronic acid, acrylate, or one’s own fat, for example.
    When it is indicated: the filling of the skin with hyaluronic acid is indicated in people who have acne scars that do not change their shape when the skin is stretched and who do not wish to carry out other treatments.
  7. Plasma injection
    Plasma injection is a treatment that consists of applying injections throughout the area to be treated that contain blood and plasma rich in platelets from the person. What happens is that when blood is injected into the face, it is not completely absorbed by the skin, which will form a clot and produce new fibers of collagen and fibrin, causing the holes in the face to fill up, resulting in a firm and even skin. This type of treatment must be performed by the dermatologist and has excellent results, even though it is not the most common treatment to remove acne scars. When is it indicated: plasma injection is indicated in people who are not afraid of needles and cannot perform other types of treatment. Best way to remove acne scars

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